Junk Removal Howard County, MD 


Let us take your unwanted trash that is cluttering your home! 


We do the Lifting, Hauling, Demolition, and Removal.

Full-Service Junk Removal Company.


Most Affordable Pricing Around!




 Some of Our Jobs 

Why "Treasures In Heaven?"

Our Mission

 We are a start-up Junk Removal

 company whose mission is to provide

  the most affordable, convenient,

  quick, and trustworthy Junk Removal



As an Industry standard, our Junk Removal Company charges based on volume.


This means we charge based on how much space your items occupy in our truck.


Truck Dimensions:


The box truck is: (9’11 x 6’3 x 6’1)


Which is equivalent to: 13.94 cubic yards

to provide more clarity, 

so our truck holds approximately 14 of these stacked tightly together

Since items of different sizes and weights have the capability to take up differing amounts of space in our truck, we prefer estimates in person or over the phone. 








Serving Columbia, Elkridge, North Laurel, Fulton, Ellicott City, and surrounding areas.